How does a high school golf coach-retired surgeon become interested in

             running for the School Board ?

Case 1.     A student and former team member with a 3.75 GPA moves to Albuquerque, NM. His mother calls, almost hysterical, to say that his 

new school gave him placement tests and put him in remedial classes.

Case 2.     A former team member starts his freshman year at NC State. He is put in remedial classes. The Registrar at UNC-Chapel Hill tells me that a "significant number" of our students are put in remedial classes (she won't tell me the number).

Case 3.      A student, his sister and their single mother face eviction because Mom loses her job and can't pay the rent. His teachers pass the hat and raise the rent money. And do it again the next month.

Case 4.     A teacher relocates from Transylvania County. She is amazed we don't have computers. She says all the students in Transylvania County, Asheville City, Buncombe County, Rutherford County and Polk County have computers. She thought everyone did.

Case 5A.     A student-athlete gets an athletic scholarship for college. In his freshman year the NCAA Compliance Officer at his college discovers that the math course he took as a high school freshman is a non-qualifying course, and he can't play (or keep his scholarship). 

Case 5B.      A college-bound student chooses UNC-Charlotte for their architecture program. After acceptance it is discovered he took the same non-qualifying math course in high school. He spends the months before college taking a high school math course in summer school.

Case 6.       A student-athlete team captain with a 4.0 GPA is allowed to enroll as a senior in five AP courses and two virtual AP courses in his senior year. No one reviews this impossible schedule. He crashes, and loses his academic eligibility at the same time he's applying for college.

Case 7.      At the end of his sophomore year, a boy who had been an indifferent student hears the trumpets and decides he wants to get serious about school. He speaks to his advisor and is told there's "no way" he can get into the courses he wants to take.

Case 8.      An experienced elementary school teacher relocates to Henderson County. She is amazed that there's no technology to support her teaching. She says all she has in her classroom are two iPads -- her own, and one student's. She uses them for all the students, and the kids figure out how to use them in one day.

Case 9.      A teacher excuses himself from attending an after-school meeting. He has to get to his other job. Actually, he has three jobs.

                   [52% of NC teachers have a second job; 3rd highest in the country.    Source: NC Public School Forum] 

Case 10.    An experienced kindergarten teacher joins the Henderson County public schools. She says, "Where are all the pre-K students? I thought everyone had pre-K. It really makes a difference".

Case 11.    A rising senior with a weighted GPA of 4.66 enrolls in a private SAT-prep course. After a few sessions, he says, "These teachers are great. How come no one ever taught me this stuff?  I'm actually learning for the first time, and it's fun."    

Case 12.    HCPS proudly announces that we rank 4th highest in the state because 70% of our students are "proficient" on their end-of-grade and end-of-course tests. What happens to the other 30% ??  

Case 13.    A teacher asks what can happen following an insulin injection?  She is being required to administer insulin by injection to a student three times a day. She does not consider herself properly trained to do this, and dreads going to work.

Case 14.    A family moves from Charlotte so the husband can accept a dream job in Hendersonville. They have a child in middle school and they evaluate the Henderson County middle schools and high schools. After reviewing all the information they can find and talking to many parents, they elect to buy a house in Saluda so their daughter can go to Polk County schools.

Case 15.     A teacher says, "What's going on?  This year we have third and fourth grade classes with 40 students. There's no room for them to sit". 

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