​         ​A recent school board meeting.  Dr. Harris was not present




Purpose and Authority

The Henderson County public schools are governed by an elected seven-member board (the "School Board") which establishes policies for operation of the school district and oversees implementation of these policies. The Board has general control and supervision of all matters pertaining to the public schools, governed by state law and regulations of the NC Department of Public Instruction.

  • The School Board appoints the Superintendent of Schools, who is the chief operating officer of the district. All decision-making authority not specifically reserved to the School Board by law or regulation is delegated to the Superintendent. 

  • The School Board is not a taxing authority and has no funds of it's own. Teachers' base salaries come from the state, and the rest of the budget comes as an annual appropriation from the property taxes and sales taxes collected in Henderson County and allocated by the County Commissioners. 

  • The School Board meets in public session on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 PM at the Board Room of the Central Office at 414 Fourth Street West. The Board also meets in executive session as necessary and as allowed by law. 

Composition and Election

  • Seven members, who are elected to staggered 4-year terms
  • The election is non-partisan (no political parties)
  • All members represent the entire county; there are no "district seats"
  • The terms of four members expire in 2016 and those seats will be filled in the November election
  • All four incumbents are running for re-election, joined by four new candidates
  • ​Voters will elect four candidates from the field of eight