We are not doing as well as we think we are

       40% of graduates taking the SAT are considered not-college-ready by the College Board

       31% of graduating Henderson County AP-course seniors are considered not proficient in college-level

                 math by the state, and 59% not proficient in college-level English 

       HCPS graduates are being put into freshman remedial classes at UNC and NC State

       Some former students whose families have moved are non-competitive in their new schools

       Only two of our 13 elementary schools (Glenn Marlow; Hendersonville Elementary) and none of our 4

                  middle schools or traditional high schools earned an "A" on the state report card                   

                              (Sources:  The College Board, NC Dept. of Public Instruction, UNC Registrar, NC DPI School Report Card Program, private families)  

We are not using computers in class, and the rest of the world is

       Every middle school and high school student and teacher should have a take-home

                 computer and use it in class and at home every day

We are spending a lot of money and could be getting more for it

       Our $125 million budget needs to be re-focused on classroom learning

       We lack a supervisory level in the teaching corps to address standards and results

       The County Commission needs to be more sensitive to school system needs. We are

                 No. 83/100 in county per-pupil support and No. 98/110 in total per-pupil expenditure

        We don't need new taxes. We need to rearrange how we spend the money we already have 

We lose 10-13% of our teachers every year. We should attract great teachers to replace them

       We can attract the kind of teachers we need by making ourselves the No. 1 teacher-friendly district

                  in North Carolina  (see Issues in Education, p. 3)

Our schools are adequate, but no one's reaching for the stars
       The students have low expectations
       The college-bound students are not going to national universities
       Teachers' and students' scholarly achievement is not adequately being rewarded
       Our academic guidance services need considerable improvement and emphasis
       There's no pre-K program
​       There's no organized college preparatory program

We are marching in place, not moving forward

       The School Board needs new perspectives and initiatives

        We should be more cognizant of strategies being tried elsewhere

​        Instead of self-congratulations, we need some outside, unbiased evaluation 


    ​"We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created the problem"        --Einstein